Spring Into Action With These Tips For Success

Spring Into Action With These Tips For Success

1. Set Realistic Goals.

Being realistic when setting goals is so important to set yourself up for success. Have you ever set a goal and found yourself giving up so easily? You weren’t getting there fast enough, making you feel like having success will never be something you could reach? If this sounds like you, take a moment to reevaluate your goals and make some more attainable ones. Goals are easier to reach when you put them in smaller increments, which help keep you motivated. Rather then thinking, “I still need to lose 40 pounds, I'll never get there”, tell yourself, “I only need to lose 10 pounds 4 times to get there”. Doing so really helped with my mindset.

2. Focus On Today Rather Than 6 Months Down The Road

We all tend to look at how far away our ultimate goals are rather than the here and now. Doing so can easily unmotivated us leading us to giving up rather than pushing through. Try asking yourself, what is something that you can do or change today that would create a positive effect on your journey. Maybe go for a walk for 10 minutes on your lunch break, prep those easy to grab foods, or even getting that water jug you’ve been eyeballing for weeks.

3. Put Your Mindset First

Mindset is something that I have found isn’t talked about often, but is just as important as your actions on a day-to-day basis. Your thought patterns often create feelings which lead to your actions. Think of a time when something at work had you on edge. Maybe you had a paper due, and totally forgot about it. Now, in that situation you may start to FEEL stressed. When your stressed, it may result in one of two things; either throwing the towel in and giving up on the healthier decisions you could make, OR second, making you aware of your feelings and taking actions to positively effect your journey rather then giving up. When you're more aware of these situations, you become better prepared on how to handle them rather then giving up.

4. Have A Strong Support System

Surrounding yourself with positive people that can help encourage and motivate you is very important. These are the people that can help get you moving, or simply someone that you can share your hardships with during times of struggle. Whether it be sharing recipes with each other, or even meeting up with a group of people for a Saturday workout, having that person(s) there and taking action together, help us get closer to our goals. Having a good support system in all aspects of life is important, as so in your fitness and wellness journey!

What are some of your tips for success? Write them in a journal to help become more aware of the changes you’ve already made.